Asado is a new Latin cultural experience ready to take over Stackt

Asado, is a free, one day Latin Expo at Stackt, North America’s largest shipping container market, taking place on Sunday, August 11, from 12pm to 11pm. The event brings together local chefs, music, dancing, and authentic Asado cuisine.

The event aims to bring the Latin American community spirit to one of the premier event spaces in the City of Toronto.

Attendees can enjoy over 50 Latin vendors and food vendors spread across the entire cultural marketplace. What’s an Asado without music, dancing and drinks. The organizers promise that there will be plenty of that to enhance the experience. Asado welcomes all ages, including the Latin American community, foodies, Financial District professionals, GTA residents, and tourists.

To visit Asado at Stackt, all you need to do is register at Click here to get started.

The word asado is a multifunctional term that describes the method of barbecuing meat in South America, and the social event associated with the meal. 

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