Argentina Cooks World’s Largest Milanese Dish

TORONTO (Barrio) – Argentina has prepared what it believes is the world’s largest Neapolitan Milanese on Monday. The giant dish features tomato sauce, cheese, and meat—and marks the country’s ”Milanesa” day in Lujan, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Weighing in at one tonne, the milanesa could soon enter the Guinness World Book of Records.

Cristian Ibarlucia , the event’s project manager, said: ‘We prepared the largest Neopolitan milanesa in the world. The certificate given to us states it weighs 926 kilos.

‘It measures four metres long by three metres with a thickness of three centimetres – making it the latest milanesa in the world.’

But some in Argentina criticized the grand celebration of the dish, as many families struggle to put meat-based food on their tables due to rising costs.

The cost of food in Argentina rose by 59.70% in March, and many people are finding it hard to cope with new prices.

One woman in attendance at the record-breaking milanesa event told Reuters the economic situation was ‘all wrong’.

She added: ‘The economic situation today doesn’t allow us to eat milanesa. One has to take advantage and eat something in reach of the pocket.’

People’s salaries have been affected by the living cost crisis – leading to a reduction in meat consumed by people in the country.

Milanesa was brought to Argentina by Italian migrants and fast became a staple of many in the country.

Source: LatestLy

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