Apple car could feature no windows, no steering wheel, and no foot pedals

TORONTO (Barrio) – In 2014, Apple mentioned that they will be developing their own automotive vehicle. There have been rumblings that Apple is now working on a self-driving vehicle that requires no input on behalf of the passengers. As such, the vehicle will exclude windows, a steering wheel and foot pedals.

Since then Apple has filed several car-related patents teasing a number of potential features. One in particular is related to self-driving vehicles.

The patent details how the technology could be used to reduce motion sickness. Instead of windows, passengers would view the outside world by using their VR headset to access cameras mounted on the outside of the vehicle. The technology could also be used to watch videos, read books and conduct virtual meetings while on the road.

According to past reports, Apple is expected to launch its long-awaited self-driving car sometime around 2025. Apple has filed a number of outrageous trademarks in the past that have yet to see the light of day. That said, if anyone can effectively sell a windowless self-driving vehicle with no steering wheel to the general public, it’s Apple.

Source: VR Scout

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