Anuel Performs In Front of 120k fans in Venezuela

BARRIO – Anuel surprised his entire audience of approximately 120,000 in Venezuela by putting on an energetic show. He sang all his greatest hits while the audience sang along with him. The Puerto Rican appeared at the Dracufest festival, in Carabobo, an event organized by the government of that state.

Apparently Anuel was caught on camera in the middle of a strange ritual before going on stage. The singer squatted and began to rock from side to side on his feet. It was strange, but that didn’t matter. The crowd loved it.

His visit did not come without controversy. According to Venezuelan news outlets, Anuel had visited the Tocuyito prison and might have even recorded a song there. It is unclear who he visited or if he went to the prison for the sole purpose of recording a song.

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