Anuel compares Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner to Diddy & Cassie on new track

In December last year, reports surfaced about Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner ending their nearly year-long relationship, which had remained low-key. Despite starring together in a Gucci campaign before their split, details about the breakup were scarce. Sources suggested that their busy schedules and youth led to the split, emphasizing mutual respect and support post-breakup.

Anuel AA, a rival of Bad Bunny, released a new song titled “Toki” with Casper Magico, Luar La L, and Izaak. In the song, Anuel AA implies that Kendall left Bad Bunny for reasons similar to Cassie leaving Diddy. Cassie had sued Diddy for alleged misconduct, leading to a settlement. Some may find Anuel AA’s diss disrespectful or excessive. What are your thoughts on Anuel AA’s diss track and his allegations against Bad Bunny and Kendall?

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