Actor Danny Trejo Filing for Bankruptcy

BARRIO – American actor Danny Trejo has had quite a successful Hollywood career and gained recognition by working in movies like DesperadoHeat, and the From Dusk Till Dawn. The Latino action legend continued to work hard and became one of the richest celebrities in the industry with his often hyper-masculine, villainous, and anti-hero role.

As per recent reports, the actor who runs a successful Tacos franchise is now filing for bankruptcy to escape from IRS however his reason for bankruptcy is rather personal.

Born in LA, the 78-year-old actor, Danny Trejo as per TMZ is filing for bankruptcy. However, the reports have clarified that his big decision is not because of him being broke or anything but “he’s just got a nagging bill with the IRS that would best be resolved this way.”

As per the outlet, the actor is going to file on Tuesday for “Chapter 11 bankruptcy” regarding personal debt.

The report stated that the bankruptcy “has to do with reorganizing his assets to help deal with this debt he owes Uncle Sam which he says is about $2 million in taxes.”

The legendary actor explained that he was “mistakenly claiming deductions” for many years which has now piled up. 

Even though the Heat star is currently engaged in his personal debt, the report has confirmed that his different business ventures are not going to be affected. His ventures include his record label, his coffee/donut shops, and, renowned Trejo’s Tacos.

He is expecting to finally get rid of his debt by next year.

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