Meet Aldo, Ecuador’s First Dental Assistant Dog

BARRIO – Pictures of a dog named Aldo calming patients at a dental clinic will warm your heart. Aldo is a dentist’s assistant dog in Ecuador and the first of his kind. And if you ask what he does? He emotionally supports children who come for their appointment at a clinic called Parque Dental. Aldo can be seen hugging and snuggling children who are undergoing their dental treatment.

Many people now want to book a dental appointment to be with Aldo. A Twitter user wrote, “I have already had my wisdom teeth removed but will have them put in and removed again if Aldo is there this time.” Another user wrote, “I would so go to all my regular check-ups if Aldo was involved!” Another said, “All dentists should be required to have emotional support pups!!”

Forward this story to your local dentist. Perhaps this could be implemented in Toronto. We can see how this could be hit with children.

Aldo out here touching hearts. 

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