6ix9ine arrested in the Dominican Republic

BARRIO – Tekashi 6ix9ine has been arrested in the Dominican Republic after warrant was put out for his arrest for allegedly physically assaulting music producers.

According to police in the Dominican Republic, 6ix9ine was taken into custody Sunday night at the Hotel Balcones del Atlántico in Sánchez — located in the province of Samaná.

A warrant was out for his arrest from La Vega Prosecutor Aura Luv Garcia, who is spearheading the whole investigation.

Video of the scene at the DR jail where Tekashi was brought to showed Dominicans screaming wanting to catch a glimpse of the rapper as the police car pulled up.

6ix9ine and others have been reportedly accused of beating up music producers in the Dominican Republic over his girlfriend, Yailin.

Reports say Yailin was in the studio when 6ix9ine showed up with his crew — and the rapper was allegedly jealous of the producers spending time with his girl.

Tekashi reportedly tried flying out of the country after the incident, but the charter company followed protocol and checked with immigration for any outstanding warrants. Needless to say, the plane did not take off.

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