4 Latin american countries where you can afford to retire by the beach

BARRIO – Retiring to a quiet place by the beach is a dream for many Canadians and others around the world.

If you can find one, weather aside, most Canadian properties by the seashore comes at huge premium. However, quite a few countries around the world offer pristine beaches, low cost of living, and attractive lifestyles, making them affordable destinations for those whose hearts are set on beachfront living.

These are some of the countries that make it possible to find that place by the sea and live comfortably for a fraction of what it would cost in Canada.. Most have expat communities, reasonably priced healthcare, affordable homes, and residency options.

ECUADOR – Five hundred miles of shoreline, quaint fishing villages, and moderate weather are good starting points for retirement in this South American country. Another big plus is that they use the United States dollar for their currency. Good quality healthcare is available at reasonable prices, and public transportation in many cities makes a car unnecessary. In the city of Cuenca, for example, the cost of living is 66% less expensive, and rents are about 88% lower, when compared with Toronto.

NICARAGUA – Located in Central America, Nicaragua is nicknamed “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.” The country faces the shores of both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so there’s plenty of beachfront to go around, in addition to rivers, lakes, and rainforests. The cost of living is low, and there are residency options for retirees requiring a monthly income of at least CDN $800. In most places, U.S. dollars are accepted, and the Nicaraguan government offers tax incentives and encourages investment in the country. For example, out-of-country earnings are not taxable.

COLOMBIA – This South American country offers coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so retirees seeking beach living have many options, and the Andes Mountains and Amazon rainforest are nearby for a change of scenery. Medical and dental care are high quality and affordable, with both public and private institutions available. Several visa categories are available, and the most common Migrant Pensionado Visa requires a minimum monthly income of approximately CDN $1,000.

MEXICO – With borders on the Gulf of Mexico in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west, Mexico offers around 6,000 miles of coastline. Baja California, Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Rosarita, and La Paz are a few well-known beach areas, and quiet fishing villages might attract retirees with lower cost of living. Becoming a resident is relatively easy. For temporary residence, monthly income of about CDN $2,800 is required, and for permanent residence, the minimum income is approximately CDN $3,500.

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